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[ Romantic Tour in Russia-15% discount! ]

The exclusive offer to All the Gentlemen using our services!

Dear Gentlemen!

We are happy to inform you about a new revolutionary addition to online dating: now you can take a "Romantic rendez-vous" tour in Russia, view historical places of Saint-Petersburg, which is famous all around the world as the Northern Venice, and meet many marriage-minded Russian women!

We are happy to inform you about a new revolutionary addition to online dating:

Now you can view your potential match with whom you correspond via our site in real time.

We would like to offer You our unique expertise in the field of dating tours arranging.

Opportunity to meet marriage-minded Russian and Ukrainian Ladies will undoubtedly double the pleasure of visiting wonderful sight-seeings.

You choice has never been so wide ! You can invite your friend, a Lady with whom You have been corresponding via our site in order to learn more about each other and feel each other in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere!

Our company represents not only marriage agency, but also an authorised tourist agency. For this reason we offer You and Your Lady a genuine cultural tour!

In case if You have not met a Lady of Your dreams yet, don't miss a chance to meet Slavic Ladies, who are beautiful, young, intelligent, affectionate, have sense of humour and desire to be happy in marriage!

During our parties You will, by all means, meet a Lady of Your heart, who would like to be your spouse! We want to make Your dreams come true and offer You wide range of services, which will make this trip unforgettable!

It is worth visit one of the most wonderful cities in the world, pearl of Russia, and to accompany Your Ladies during this creative and romantic trip!

As for the terms of participation, please read the following information:

- All the Ladies, taking part in this program, are invited personally by men.
- We strongly support the "Violence against women Act of 2005".
- Our tour Romantic Rendez-Vous 2008 promises to be very interesting: We will offer You number of various Parties aimed to facilitate communication and lasting relationship with Your Lady.
- You will also have an opportunity to invite Ladies from the list, who live outside Saint-Petersburg and whom you would like to see during this trip. In this case you will have to take care about all the expenses for the Lady's trip to Saint-Petersburg.
- You will be able to submit a list of Ladies, who live in Saint-Petersburg, and our employees will invite them to our parties. This list should be submitted 15 to 30 days prior to the trip. And our staff will assist you to arrange private meetings with them.
- Bear in mind that some changes can be introduced to the program of the Tour, depending on the day of Your arrival. In case if these changes cause some additional expenses, they will be paid by You.
- You will have a chance to invite new lady for every day and every cultural event of this romantic Tour. Naturally ladies should be invited in advance and their consent should be obtained prior to the Tour.
- The price of tour Romantic Rendez-Vous 2008 in a group (20 persons) is 1920 euros, excluding tickets and consular taxes. This price includes: single room with a air-conditioner in a 4* hotel, which you can see on the following website: www.hotel-moscow.ru/
- Moreover, the price includes guide-led excursions along the historical places of Saint-Petersburg and Pushkin. You will participate in a miraculous Party aboard a ship which will float down the rivers and canals during White Nights. You will listen to the gipsy songs. The final point of the trip, the visit of Valaam island and a genuine Russian village Mandroghi, will help You to feel the Russian Soul as it is, by Your heart which since this moment will beat in Unison with Your Lady's heart!!!

Do not hesitate to use this opportunity! You never know what adventure is waiting for you during this romantic tour around the Northern Venice.

We are far ahead of other tourist companies and will continue to stay that way.

If needed, we can arrange an invitation letter that you should submit along with your visa application to the Russian Embassy in your country.

Hurry up! Join us now until it is too late!!!

To find more information about the tour CLICK HERE!

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions.

E-mail: specials@gtc-vip.com

Tel: +7 812 315-00-07
Tel: +7 812 740-61-32

Best regards,

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